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Guillermo Barreto

(1957- 2013) Caracas, Venezuela) Barreto is a painter who resides and works in New York City. His work has been shown in Cornell University, New York University, the Venezuelan Consulate and forms part of the permanent art collection of the Chilean Mission before the United Nations.

Barreto has shown his work in both private and public spaces. In 1997 he was awarded the third prize in an art contest in MCD Arts Masters in Paris, Monaco, St Paul de Vence, Grand Concours International.

Barreto’s paintings are despairing in their quietness, in the silence that follows everything that preceded and posit a space that is beyond even the artist’s comprehension. His work combines and retains a sense of both nothingness and wholeness. In it, infinity becomes epic poetry and stretches like a tunnel towards the viewer’s mind. Ultimately, his paintings are unreachable but tempting, unalterable but clamorous, incomprehensible but desired, just like dreams.

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