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Fabio Mesa

“In my work, crowds march toward common goals, which revolve around dreams that human beings share as a society: the search for peace, the struggle for a better life”.

The “walkers” tirelessly search for their dreams on the path of life that is often unknown to them but may lead to freedom and peace in another reality. His works encapsulate the world we live in today: the protests, the students marching together, united. They never give up and they are unified in their search for answers.

Every piece he creates is a self-portrait. He is part of the canvas, part of the people, united with them searching for an exit. His “walkers” are anonymous. There is no race, age, gender. The “walkers” are united in body and soul. Their spirit is positive and believes it can bring a change to this world by being united, strong and hopeful. My works are a universal expression of manifesting our feelings and the protesters that we become to materialize our dreams.

The pacific manifestations are our only way of showing that we are tired of living in a world of oppression. The solution is to be united and to know that we are not alone in this path to freedom for our future generations.

Mesa has been developing people marching in streets, surrounded by buildings with a dramatic depth to symbolize oppression and how the government and society shadows us.

His large multi-figure works are inspired by rallies and protests against oppressive governments. Rather than focusing on the chaos of these situations, he opt to portray a sense of organized human determination. Multitudes are unified to courageously face these obstacles together, offering a sense of hope and potential peace amid the strife and struggle of the current social and political issues.


Defining peace through art.

Fabio Mesa was selected by Christie Mitchell, Assistant Curator Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, to be part of a collective exhibit at the Flinn Gallery in Greenwich, CT.

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