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Enrique Lobo

Enrique Lobo (1958, Merida, Venezuela) is a versatile painter whose body of work spans two distinct styles. On one hand, Lobo makes abstract paintings that are host to explosions of color, which take over the space of the canvas. In these Informalist-influenced works, he experiments with both chromatic combinations and with paint as a material, applying a variety of bold brush strokes to the canvas.

His other strain of work is more figurative in style and is characterized by still life images that depict domestic objects, such as vases of flowers that have traditionally inspired artists. While his profusions of cala lilies evoke the fertility of the Tropics and its exuberant natural landscape, Lobo’s paintings go beyond realist representation to infuse the images with lyricism.

Lobo graduated in Architecture from the Los Andes University in Merida in 1985 and from 1991 until 1994 he went on to study engraving at the L’Espace Croix-Baragnon in Toulouse, France.

His work has featured in exhibitions since 1984, and Lobo has participated in shows in Argentina, England, Paris, Guatemala, and United States.

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