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Enrico Armas

(1957, Caracas, Venezuela) is a well-known sculptor and painter who has participated in countless solo and group exhibitions in Venezuela and worldwide. Over the years Armas has experimented untiringly with numerous media, including sculpture, painting, and digital photography.

His strident, colorful paintings are characterized by bold brushstrokes that present almost abstract representations of a variety of objects. Armas studied sculpture at the Graphic Arts Center; engraving at the Ecole d’Art Decoratives, in Nice, France, and graphic arts at the Ecole d’Art Decoratives in Paris, France, with a scholarship from the French government and the Neumann Design Institute in Caracas.

His work is represented in numerous public and private collections, including the prestigious National Art Gallery and the Carlos Cruz Diez Print and Design Museum in Caracas. His large metal sculptures have also been integrated into public spaces in Venezuela and abroad.

Important critics, such as María Elena Ramos, Roberto Guevara and Juan Carlos Palenzuela, have written about Armas’ work, which has also been included in a number of publications.

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