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Bruno García

(1967, PuntoFijo, Venezuela) is a multi-faceted artist working in sculpture, painting and drawing, who draws on iconography and primitive forms.

The recurrent appearance of horses in his paintings are the source of great visual impact, where the symbolization of the equine form evokes the strength of what the artist considers a sacred beast.

While drawing on the local tradition of primitive wall painting, García’s use of a bright palette of colors also establishes a direct link with contemporary man, thus expanding the viewer’s horizons to a sense of universal culture, memory and shared history.

From 1986 until 1992, García studied at the Cristóbal Rojas Art School in Caracas before continuing his studies in Teaching Methodology at the Armando Reverón Fine Arts University Institute, also in Caracas. García’s work has been exhibited widely since 1992 in both solo and group shows in Venezuela, Cuba, Spain, United States, Bolivia, Mexico and France, among others.

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