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Bernardo Nieves

(1961, Barquisimeto, Venezuela) is a painter and sculptor who started out as a self-taught artist, experimenting with the rural landscapes, trees and mountains of his homeland.

By the 1990s, Nieves had become a consolidated, professional artist with an instantly identifiable, signature style. Nieves currently dedicates himself almost exclusively to exploring two and three-dimensional representations of the equine form, which has become his trademark subject.

His stylized horses float in the air, against rich ocre and red-toned backgrounds of oil paint, while his bronze sculpted eqqus tend have elegant, elongated limbs. Extending his repertoire, Nieves recently began exploring and creating depictions of bulls, which share a similar style to his horses.

Nieves is a well-rounded creator, who has also carried out murals, landscaping and sculpture for public spaces, as well as more traditional exhibitions. His solo and group shows include galleries throughout Venezuela and also in Madrid, Spain.

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