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about us

VISUAL ART SUR is an online gallery created to promote the vibrant and exciting cultural and artistic expressions produced by Latin American artists, integrating and selling their work in the United States.

At VISUAL ART SUR we believe passionately that art is a fascinating and inspirational meeting point for different cultures, where people have a platform to communicate and make a positive impact on others across social and economic divides.

Our key philosophy is to foster social change and social responsibility through cultural experiences. We believe art is an expression of freedom that enables us to reach out to those around us, so we work hand in hand with a variety of partner institutions and foundations.

We have joined forces with Venezuela’s Vearte foundation in order to consolidate the artists they promote and increase their international exposure by integrating them into our social programs and exhibitions in the United States. In line with our policy of social responsibility, our alliance with charity Fundadown will seek to support their work raising awareness and helping people with Down Syndrome.

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